wonders of the world
spurn.jpg external image 8034544-a-lonely-rock-in-the-ocean-the-effect-of-erosion.jpgthese pictures are both cauesd by weathering.

There are many wonderful things we do not know about the world like erosion, deposition, and weathering. (If we don't know about them, then how are you able to explain them on this website?) Weathering is the process when it breaks things (like what?) down. Erosion is when it picks up sediment from broken down rocks. Deposition is the process when it drops sediment off. Click here if your want to learn more about erosion,
and deposition.

external image June-11c_Travertine%20Deposition.jpgthis is a picture of deposition.
external image 13767409-soil-erosion-to-overgrazing-leading-to-desertification-caused-by-over-exploitation.jpgthis is a picture of erosion.
external image shoreline%20erosion.jpgthis is a picture of shore line weathering.